Welcome to Vintage LED

August 18, 2014

Vintage LED was born out of necessity, a passion for cool lighting and a commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. We are excited about providing a genuine alternative to the old-school light bulb.

The reality is that traditional incandescent bulbs guzzle energy and don't last long; they’re as efficient as you’d expect a nineteenth century technology to be. The latest LED bulbs, however, use only a fraction of the power, and look fantastic while doing it.

Naturally, we understand people use traditional incandescent bulbs because they look really good, especially those near-ubiquitous retro Edison filament numbers. In fact, we used to use those ourselves.

A few years ago we needed to solve a lighting problem in an old bank in Northcote, Melbourne. We found that the ideal solution was a fancy array of carbon filament light bulbs. We thought they looked fantastic, so we installed 30 of them. (Amble along any inner-city cafe strip, and you'll see plenty of businesses that have taken the same plunge.) 

Sadly, we found the light they provided was inconsistent, they kept blowing and they were very expensive to run. (That cafe-strip amble will also reveal a dark constellation of blown and unreplaced bulbs.) We began searching for alternatives, and soon realised we weren't the only ones. Vintage LED was created to service that need.  

What really surprised us was the extent of the savings that can be achieved. Most people who spruik a 25-40% return on investment are probably peddling snake oil, but that has honestly been our experience, and it’s not all that difficult to work out why. After all, calculating energy costs is really just simple maths.

As everyone is different, we wanted customers to be able to accurately see how much they could save, so we built an energy Savings Calculator into our website. (Again, it's basic maths – power used per hour x your kWh rate.) We encourage you to check it out.

Vintage LED offers a selection of lights and fittings to fit the contemporary retail, café, restaurant or home.  At its core is the idea that lighting should be functional, warm, efficient and beautiful. We believe our products compromise on none of these things, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Please check out our Collection.

To make it easy for you we have put together some pendant + light bulb kits that you can simply purchase and install (with the help of a licensed electrician) to upgrade or put the finishing touches to your design. See our Pendant Kits here.

If you want to design your own lighting solutions we have a selection of accessories for you to choose from. See our Accessories.

Vintage LED offers a full, no-questions-asked two year warranty. You don't even have to send us the globe, just send us a picture, and we'll send you a replacement. These bulbs are rated for 10,000+ hours, after all!