Dimmable Low Voltage Commercial Grade Festoons

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The flat string commercial-grade festoon strings come in connectable 10m and 20m lengths, with globes spaced 1m apart.  Pair this with our Vintage LED quality, dimmable G45 Fancy Round 3W E27 2200k 24V globes and you can create your own outdoor magic.  Perfect for hospitality outdoor setups, rooftop gardens and lighting up alfresco areas at home.

Must be installed by a qualified electrician.

We have tested our low voltage festoon setups at various lengths to come up with a list of dimmable LED Driver options that produce the best results. 



LED Driver Recommendation


10M Festoon

10 x 3W

PWM-60-12 plus 1-10 Dimmer





(inbuilt 240v phase dimming)


20M Festoon

20 x 3W

PWM-90-12 plus 1-10 Dimmer






30M Festoon

30 x 3W

PWM-120-12 plus 1-10 Dimmer





(inbuilt 240v phase dimming)


40M Festoon

40 x 3W


Recommend split


50M Festoon

50 x 3W


Recommend split load

60M Festoon

60 x 3W


Recommend split load

You will need the following items for your low voltage festoon setup.

  • Festoon String (10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m & 60m setups, made up of 10m & 20m lengths)
  • Vintage LED G45 3W E27 2200k 24V low voltage globes (dimmable)
  • LED Driver (see table above)
  • 1-10V Dimmer (if you want to dim your PWM LED Driver low voltage setup)
  • 5m Driver Lead (to connect your festoon string to the LED Driver).
  • 5m Extension Lead (if required)