Carbon Filament vs LED Filament

March 27, 2015

As you might know one of the reasons we started Vintage LED was to provide a better quality feature light.  We has been using Carbon Filament but these lights just don't last, you need to keep a stash or have a regular supplier if you have a large area to light and the power bills really add up if you have them on all day.  Vintage LED filament have very few of these problems - they last longer, and don't need to be replaced and they are not even noticeable on your energy bill, even if you leave them on all day every day.

What we love now is the different in the aesthetics between our Vintage LED filament and the old carbon filament.  Below is a couple of pictures one of our new ST64 Long Filament  and an ST64 Carbon filament (on the left).  We may be biased but we think ours looks better.  In fact, the LED technology allows for a whole lot of different designs - standby for some more updates on our new products coming in April!