November 10, 2015

At Vintage LED we love ambient light.   LEDs can be bright so often need to be dimmed to get the perfect light level.

But LED lights have not always worked well with dimmers.  

Some dimmers create flicker, with others the light just turns off completely.   This is because many of the dimmers on the market have been designed for Halogen, Incandescent of CFL lights - lights that use a lot more power than LED.  Universal dimmers for example - don't always mean that they work universally with all products.

We are please to say that along with LED technology - LED dimmers have also recently improved.

Three that we like and recommend are the:

1.Diginet LED Smart  

2. CLA Lynx Dimmer switch

3. Lumex Loadsmart Generation 2

These give a good dimming range and each can be adjusted one installed to remove any issues at the upper or lower end of the dimming band.

Any customers who have issues with Dimming should call us on 1300 043 110.