May 04, 2018

Now available in Vintage LED bulbs

Here at Vintage LED, we're always working with our suppliers to ensure our bulbs are made with the highest quality components and latest technology. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new generation of dimming drivers to most of our bulbs.

LED dimming driver technology upgraded

These 3G drivers are really improvements in technology within the dimming driver located in the screw base of the bulb itself that has undergone recent upgrades. These circuitry improvements have fixed problems with flickering of our filaments and the range and smoothness of dimming. The result is a far more reliable light bulb. Gone are the days of flickering bulbs when dimmed!

Anyone in the lighting industry would be well aware of past issues associated with the dimming reliability of 240v LED filament bulbs. Many customers were experiencing problems with their globes flickering at certain levels between 0 and 100% brightness and displaying an unstable emission of visible light. As we all know, frustrated customers equal unhappy customers, and that’s not good for anyone.

Vintage LED bulbs have the best success with Trailing Edge LEDSMART XPERT diginet/Gerard Lighting rotary dimmer however with the upgrade in dimming driver technology it’s proving to have great results across the board with not only Trailing Edge Dimming Systems but a wide range of control technology with our 3G bulbs.

Contact us directly for further information or to check whether the bulbs you seek are 3G.

We welcome any dimming challenge!