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LED Lighting Makes It Easy To Conform To The Building Code

October 27, 2014

Did you know that the Australian building industry now has fairly strict requirements when it comes to lighting in residential and commercial premises? This provides yet another reason why LED lighting is a great solution.

In May 2011, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) drastically increased the restrictions on the amount of lighting you are permitted in a new building, especially as regards energy consumption. This was part of a broader push to drastically improve the energy efficiency of all new Australian premises (including six star energy efficiency ratings for residential premises).

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Client Story: Wye River General Store

October 08, 2014

Vintage LED is thrilled to announce that we are now supplying LED lighting solutions to the iconic Wye River General Store (WRGS). Those who’ve been there won’t need to be told how good this place is, while those who haven’t should make their business to find out immediately. Seriously, go now: we'll wait.

(image courtesy of Wye River General Store)
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A Toast to the First Wave

September 23, 2014

Today I’d like you to join me in raising a glass to the oft-forgotten minor heroes of any technological revolution: the early adopters.

It is by the grace of their voracious desire for newness at any cost that we second-and third-wave adopters are able to enjoy new consumer products at reasonable prices. Early adopters are like the first chaps out of the trench and through the minefield, clearing a path for the rest of us with each misstep. Here’s to their memory.

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Vintage LED Savings Calculator

September 09, 2014

Today I’ll explain the very handy tool we have on our website: the Vintage LED Savings Calculator.

On the front page of the Vintage LED website you’ll find many links to our handy Savings Calculator, which quickly and simply demonstrates the savings you can achieve. The Calculator comes in two flavours: Basic and Detailed.

With the Basic Calculator, you simply need only input your number of light fittings, click ‘Calculate Savings’, and you will be presented with some results. These include:

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Welcome to Vintage LED

August 18, 2014

Vintage LED was born out of necessity, a passion for cool lighting and a commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. We are excited about providing a genuine alternative to the old-school light bulb.

The reality is that traditional incandescent bulbs guzzle energy and don't last long; they’re as efficient as you’d expect a nineteenth century technology to be. The latest LED bulbs, however, use only a fraction of the power, and look fantastic while doing it.

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